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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Autism: 9 Things Autism Parents Want the World to Know

Here’s a post about autism parents that we wanted to reshare from a great blog called The Mighty (more info on the blog below) The word autism entered my heart as a whisper. It later entered my brain as a possibility. Later still, it entered my life. I worried, bought a book on autism, devoured

Do you know 5 Early Signs of Autism?

5 Early Signs of Autism Understanding early signs of autism can help you provide your child with the help and resources that they need from as early an age as possible.  Here are 5 early signs of autism that we’ve sourced from Autism Speaks. You can find a link to their entire checklist at the

Raising a Child with Autism. Can you relate?

Raising a Child with Autism We wanted to share a short story for parents raising a child with autism who be able to relate. Whether their diagnosis is from the low functioning end of the ASD spectrum to the high-functioning Aspergers end.  After all, we’re all in this together. This spring we spent months in and