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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Autism Resources

There are many community and creative autism resources that can help ease the challenges of raising children living with autism.  Music therapy, occupational programs and activities like like Play Inc basketball and soccer programs, are great ways to help autistic persons deal with their condition. You can find a great list of autism resources in

Autism Research

If you’d like to read more about autism, there’s ongoing research in the field. Autism research is being conducted by several organizations such CAMH. For example, “CAMH has been partnering on a project, with various other agencies across Ontario, that aims to better understand health service use among teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder”.

Autism Family Services

Find the support you and your family need in raising children living with autism.  There are several services ranging from counselling, care-givers, program consultation, mental health and other areas. You don’t have to do this alone, there are program to help you raise children living with autism. Find the resource you’re looking for below: Autism

Autism Sevices

If there are autism services that you’re seeking other than our specific program, here are some below.  Fortunately programs exists to help your loved ones and your family improve independence and physical and mental health. Autism Community Services

Autism Therapy

There are several ways to find therapeutic services for you autistic child. Here’s a great list from Autism Ontario below. ABA/IBI Therapy

Diagnosing Autism

Diagnosing Autism is so important as early as possible. Fortunately, there are services available for diagnosis that are covered by OHIP. Here are resources that can help you assess autism in your child Autism & Diagnosis Covered by OHIP

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