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PLAY is committed to programs that benefit autistic youth, their families, and the community at large.

  • PLAY Parent Testimony Parent, Happy Client

    I’m very glad that we found this PLAY group for the kids. The instructors are kind enough to get them [children] engaged. There’s no such thing anywhere in the city..it’s a chance for them to be accepted.

  • PLAY co-ordinator testimonial Boatie, ECE, Former PLAY Program Coordinator

    Working with PLAY is a great experience. Working here is an extension of what I do as an ECE, I get more information about autistic kids that I can take to my full time job.

  • PLAY Senito Coordinator Shaniece Vassell Testimonial Shaniece Vassell, Senior Co-ordinator

    My favourite part about PLAY is being with the kids. They are so loving and so understanding and our staff is amazing!  If you have that child that you’re concerned about, PLAY is the place to be, because we’re all about physical awareness and physical education.

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